Monday, 17 April 2017

30 Day Cowlean Challenge, Day Twenty-Eight: Just for Men?

Hi guys,

Weigh-in: 204.8
Calories: 2850

We’re coming into the last days and I’m happy with the progress. There have been some slip-ups along the way but this wasn’t supposed to be a series for me to show off in. Admittedly I’m a lot further along the path than many, but I wanted to make the point that you should aim for about a lb a week in weight loss once you’re passed the first month or so.

Today I want to go over something that I hope will interest you: is the whole paleo/ancestral health/ketogenic diet/low-carb high fat malarkey just for men? The short answer is of course no, but why might people think otherwise? Here’s an overview of the three common misconceptions.

1- You have to become a carnivore

This is one of the main misconceptions mainly because of advertising. A lot of the time you’ll see these diets promoted as “now you can eat bacon again”, or they include a picture of a guy with a huge pile of meat in front of him. This conjures images of gluttony, whereas it’s actually a marketing gimmick. The diets I promote are high vegetable diets, combined with the right amounts of high-quality meat.

2- weight-lifting

The truth is that lifting weights/heavy objects is excellent exercise for both men and women. It’s an absurd fallacy that by lifting weights, women will get the bodybuilder look. There simply isn’t enough testosterone floating around for that to happen.

3- you have to do intermittent fasting and that’s bad for women

While it is true that women need to be more careful with IF, it is still very beneficial and you should include it if you want to. The misconception is that IF is a key component of these diets, whereas it’s more of a widget to add onto your current efforts.

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