Friday, 14 April 2017

30 Day Cowlean Challenge, Day Twenty-Five: Good Friday Special

Hi guys,

Weigh-in: 205.6 lbs
Calories: 3100

Ugh...again! Oh well, I know what this means I need to do no that I’ve officially hit some sort of plateau…

Whereas Easter is mostly adored for the delicious, chocolate droppings left behind by a magical rabbit, today I want to get a little Biblical on you.

Before reading, make sure you read yesterday’s post first because it follows on (and all of them while you’re at it! - C).

I’m probably butchering the line here but one I really like is “by the fruits of their labour let them be known”, and while I’m taking the quote out of context it works well for what we’re doing here.

You’ve might have seen me say before, that the best time to start is now. Right now. The best time to begin is right this second, and you actually get a headstart by doing this.

The headstart comes from being able to say “I’ve already been eating clean for X hours”; the same could be said for anything: smoking, for example. “I’ve not smoked for six hours”, etc.

So when someone comes to me looking for help or doing some troubleshooting, I am always overjoyed when they describe what they’ve been doing for themselves so far.

They might say, I’ve lost weight, but feel tired. Or they could say, I lost weight but then gained it back, what can I do more sustainably?

Some people need motivation and guidance right from the very start, and that’s fine, but it is fantastic when you get someone who’s demonstrating the get-up-and-go already.

When you meet these people, you automatically know they’re going to succeed. That’s not to say the other type won’t, but you get a gut feeling that it’s going to go well.

Remember that the information is out there for free on the internet, and if you’re ever in doubt, just eat nothing to get some fasting benefits. Then come to me and we’ll work something out.

Until tomorrow,


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