Thursday, 13 April 2017

30 Day Cowlean Challenge, Day Twenty-Four: My Main Inspiration

Hi guys,

Weigh-in: 204.8
Calories: 3300

Bit of an ugh, and it was because I went overboard with the dark chocolate after drinking. So the post drink food was good quality, but I just have a feeling that the alcohol puts my body in a bad place to deal with it.

Today I want to talk about a person very close to me… it’s me! My main inspiration in this whole endeavour is myself.

Now, before you sling your ‘ook, and mutter narcissist under your breath (somewhat correctly - C), I do actually have a point here. I am my own main inspiration. I drive myself forward to get to where I want to go. All I have to do is look how far I’ve come, and I instantly know I can push just as far ahead.

What I want to encourage everyone to do is consider themselves their main inspiration. Sure, we all wouldn’t know what we do without second hand information; my job is maybe as far from “in-the-lab” as it gets. But I’m the one who put in the hard work to deliver that knowledge and transform it into my results.

Without your own efforts, the value would never have been delivered, and you would still be at square one. And often times we let the road ahead get us down, whereas if we looked backwards we’d see how much we had already achieved.

I have an awful problem of achieving something, and then attributing it to other people, claiming it wasn’t as big a deal as it was, or trying to make it more luck than skill. Every now and then you really do have to pat yourself on the back.

Platitudes and cheesy motivation quotes aside, you really do have to flaunt it if you earned it!

Until tomorrow,


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