Monday, 10 April 2017

30 Day Cowlean Challenge, Day Twenty One: Heretic

Hi guys,

Weigh-in: 205.4 lbs
Calories: 2500

We’re three weeks in and doing okay. There’s been a number of obstacles along the way (nights out, dates, delicious temptations, etc.) but I’ve got a clean run this week to make some serious gainsss...

Today’s post is certainly rough around the edges, and was inspired by something that happened to me at work the other day. I was eating my lunch in my usual methodical, ritualised fashion, and just had the meaty parts of it left to eat. This led to two of my colleagues inquiring as to whether I’d just had protein for lunch. At this point I realised that I was officially the office nutjob

Now, you should remember I see this as a positive thing. I named this post “Heretic” because, in my opinion, if you want to succeed in the most effective way possible, you need to go against the grain.

A lot of the problems that people share are maintained by a combination of bad advice, social pressure, and mass confusion. Let’s take the standard “eat less and exercise more” mantra. If that advice was as effective as it is catchy, then why do so many people have concerns about their weight?

Let’s have a look at more examples:
  • You should pursue long cardio sessions at the gym
    • No, you should just move more at a slow pace mixed with infrequent bouts of high intensity exercise
  • You should eat as little fat as possible
    • No, healthy fats can and should be consumed in high amounts; it’s the carbohydrates and “healthy grains” that are leading to higher T2D and cardiovascular disease
  • You should be politically correct and stately
    • No, if you want to win a general election, you absolutely must not follow this advice!

As I see it, if society has a widespread problem, then following the generic advice will not work; otherwise the problem wouldn’t be widespread. If you’re confused about what to do, the best place to start is with the complete opposite of what most people are doing.

Until tomorrow,


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