Friday, 21 April 2017

30 Day Cowlean Challenge, Day Thirty: 5 Things I Learned

Hi guys,

Weigh-in: 205 lbs
Calories: 2800

So that’s it. 30 days of me droning on is over and I shall no longer be boring into your eyehols on a daily basis. In Post 49, I’m going to be going deeper into what I found out over the time, but here’s a quick summary of what I’ve learned.

1- 30 days is longer than you think. You’re not at your peak motivation every day; sometimes you’re just plain busy. By being accountable (to your friends, to yourself, to the public, etc.) you’re forced to keep churning it out.

2- Have an explicit plan. Know exactly what it is you want to achieve and don’t get waylaid. I set out wanting to write 250 words a day, and stuck to my promise.

3- Have some backups. Prepare what you can in advance. So in my case, what I should have done is written two or three back-up posts which I could release on days I was in a hurry. If you were doing a 30 challenge involving food, you could prepare some meals and freeze them in case you were strapped for time.

4- I know my strengths. I love talking about science and the mechanisms behind what happens when we eat certain foods, but I’m also fascinated by psychology. Having lost the weight myself, I can understand what people are thinking and how to angle a new way of eating to be the most effective.

5- I know what interests you! As well as being a chance for me to express my thoughts, I’ve also been performing some sneaky market research! In future, I’ll take the most popular daily blogs and turn them into full posts.

So there you go. 30 days have come and gone.

Until next time,

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