Saturday, 25 March 2017

30 Day Cowlean Challenge, Day Six: Slip Ups/Rules for Going Out

Hi guys,

Weigh-in: 208.6 lbs
Calories: 3000 kcals (plus going out)

A complete flip reversal of results and here I am, eating humble pie. I’d not followed my own advice before going out, and innumerous beers later, am writing to you from a position of relative failure.

It’s my own fault, because I didn’t follow my own advice of “pre-committing” and I made the cardinal sin of making a bad choice while sober. By allowing my first drink as dealers choice, I’d spun myself into a delicious beer-y spiral which continued for the whole evening. However, the extremely confused look on the bartender’s face when I asked for a double tequila, soda and lime didn’t help either…

So part of the title is “slip ups”, and that’s exactly what happened. The correct reaction is:
  1. Don’t overreact, eat normally the next day
  2. Turn the bad choices into advantages perhaps through exercise (you will have stored some of that as muscle energy)
  3. (Cliched I know) Remember that we’re human and we often make the wrong decisions.. The key is making the right decision most of the time over a long period.

The other part of the title is rules for going out. Part of that might be having a plan for which drinks you’re going to have; back in my post on what alcohol I have I literally went through a progression of drinks to base my night around. You might say “I’m only going to drink single spirit and mixers”, or you might say you could only have one drink per hour max.

Something else I should do more, is just experience evenings not with none, but with less alcohol. It’s a special experience when everyone else is drunker than you. It really does make you the smartest person in the room! And really, what are we drinking for? Mostly it is to lower our inhibitions, and have fun in our social lives. It’s been said before (another cliche coming up), that “the high is within us”, so let’s start practicing and bringing that amazing, fun, sociable person into the light during all hours of the day!

Until tomorrow,

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