Thursday, 23 March 2017

30 Day Cowlean Challenge, Day Four: Snacking Like a Boss

Hi guys,

Weigh-in: 205.4lbs
Calories: 3550 kcals

It’s numbers like that that make me feel smug. In fact, smugness has been a theme of late. Not only did I eat many more calories and didn’t exercise, I also lost the most weight in a day so far. Add to that to the fact that my afternoon snack consisted of more calories than my colleague’s whole daily allowance, and my grandiosity swells… I now sit on my blogging throne, with a freshly shorn nogging, looking damn good, and feeling even better.

Today’s check-in is about snacks. The official Cowlean party line (and don’t you dare toe it! - C), is that if you’re feeling hungry between meals, it means you need to eat more at said meals. Now of course, we can’t all be as clairvoyant as myself, so snacking comes into the equation eventually.

Snacking represents a major obstacle for the would-be dieter, because just look at what is marketed to you: chocolate, crisps, cereal bars, and “lighter options” such as fruit and popcorn. Essentially, it’s sugar laden garbage with unhealthy fats whacked in there to increase the calories count. Not only that, but they come in pitifully small packets that always leave you wanting more.

I approach snacking as I would most other food choices: look for the high fat options (leave the protein for meal times). For me, this means nuts or dark chocolate. The great thing here is that you can eat tonnes, feel satisfied, but still be on track.

Tips on picking both:

Nuts: I would get macadamias if I could because of the higher saturated fat content, but otherwise I’d go for almonds or brazils. I love roasted and salted nuts (remember you need to up your salt intake if eating low carb), but watch out for vegetable oils; only go for dry-roasted. I never have peanuts and very rarely have cashews, which I save for the occasional workout day because of the higher carb content.

Dark chocolate: I’ve spoken in-depth on chocolate before, so check out that post for more details. I near-exclusively eat 85% dark chocolate, and sometimes 70% on workout days.

That’s what I have when I’m at work, because the range of options in the local area are limited. If I had my own kitchen available, I’d also make bulletproof coffee (decaf after midday), eat an avocado, or simply a teaspoon of Kerrygold Butter.

But the last point to make before signing off is that when I leave the office to pick up a snack around 3pm, I’m rarely hungry. I just want to slope off, move around a little, and eat something. It breaks up the day, and I’m loathe to be continuously surrounded by monitors and bleeps. It just drives me crazy. So if you are having a snacking problem, and find the above ideas unpalatable, maybe you just need to move a little when the afternoon rolls around?

Until tomorrow,

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