Monday, 27 March 2017

30 Day Cowlean Challenge, Day Eight: How Much Exercise Do You Really Need?

Hi guys,

Weigh-in: 206.2 lbs
Calories: 3750 kcals

The weight is back on schedule, and being one week, and nearly two pounds down, is a great start. I love putting out these mini-blogs each day: they keep me accountable, I get to put out my thoughts on random topics, and I’m re-educating myself on the importance of health and quality over quantity.

Today I want to give a quick rundown on how much exercise you can “get away with”. I say that with quotation marks, because as you do it more you actually enjoy it more.

On this blog, I like to be realistic. I know people, when they start out, want to be doing the minimal exercise possible, so that’s what I want to address. I’m not coming from an angle of someone who wants to be a marathon runner, I just want to look good, and as a byproduct: feel good.

Currently, I workout twice a week for 45 minutes lifting heavy weights, combined with about 30 minutes of walking each day from home to work. That’s not including the bits and bobs of walking around my office, but you could easily consider my lifestyle sedentary.

But that’s the point, you don’t have to be an ultramarathon runner who backflips to work each day to be lean. In fact, if we’re talking about sheer minimums, you could easily get away with just one heavy workout each week. What’s great about that is you can ditch your gym membership and just pay-as-you-go, saving yourself money in the process.

What’s more important is the contribution to your health, and as I’ve drummed on incessantly: put yourself in a state of good health, and your weight will gravitate to it’s natural level. Some people have got to a state where they believe they have to truly suffer in order for good things to happen. That’s not sacrifice, that’s masochism.

For those interested, this is what I do in the gym:

Workout 1:
5*5 back squats
5*5 bench press

Workout 2:
5*5 deadlift
5*5 bench press

  • For each exercise I go as heavy as possible, using a 1.5 minute rest if it was easy, or a 3 minutes rest if it was hard
  • I have bench twice (because every day should be chest day!... - C) because I wanted to work on my chest. I recommend putting the thing you want to improve in as the second exercise and do it twice a week, thus improving yourself, while the other two exercises are held constant.

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