Monday, 18 November 2013

Post #1- Ode to the Fat Burning Man

Before making any choice which will change your life you’ve got to really think why you’re doing it. What’s the point in lying to yourself? No one else will ever know!

I thought as the first proper post of this blog I should get into what started me on Paleo and why I did it.

The biggest reason I changed my diet was for vanity reasons. I simply did not look like the version of myself that I wanted to look like. I have a mantra which I tend to think about quite often: “I am not content to live the best years of my life not being the person that I want to be”. I am still not finished with this goal, but I’ve made a hell of lot of progress by getting up off my butt and committing to some real change.

The second big reason why I went Paleo was because I love to eat food. And it gives you a framework within which you can eat absolutely tonnes!

So these reasons are why I went Paleo: Vanity and Gluttony. Not a pretty picture and not very noble at all.

Moving onto how, we can shed some light on the title of this post. I was recommended to the Fat Burning Man (FBM) podcast (pictured) and started listening to a few episodes. I cannot recommend Abel James’ show enough. His guests are always fascinating and he has the voice of Samuel L Jackson and Morgan Freeman’s love child. On top of this its a great way to find out about the food we eat, how hormones contribute to our health and well-being, and hear some success stories to boot. Back to the point: pretty soon I was contemplating Paleo. Soon after that I was exhausting my supplies of any unhealthy foods I owned. Then I was researching the hell out of the food that I was to be eating. In no time at all it was sweet potatoes, butter and double cream.

I think the reason why I succeeded was because I took the leap all by myself and really took ownership of it all. I hadn’t even heard of Paleo before listening to the FBM. It was up to me to really find out what was going on. For people like me, this is the best way to instigate change. You need to get on with it. Don’t shout it from the roof tops, crack on with the task at hand and when others see the results you’ve got then they’ll be asking you for your big secret.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who enjoys working with others, find a housemate or friend who will go on a Paleo trial run with you for 2-3 weeks. Talk to each other about what food you ate and how it’s making you feel. Are you feeling more energised? Is your skin clearer? How much weight have you effortlessly lost?

So here’s what this post means for you: if you want to be a catalyst for change in your own life, first choose why and then plan how. Stick to your plan, and the world’s your oyster. 

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